Adrià Targa
52 p.
ISBN: 978-84-7226-991-0



Ícar is the latest poetry book published by Adrià Targa, whose second collection, Boques en calma (2010), earned him the Sant Cugat Gabriel Ferrater poetry prize. Since then, he had kept his verses in silence. Ícar is the myth transported to a 21st-century urban landscape, read by inflamed eyes —perhaps because of all the light— and reinterpreted by means of the strokes of a skateboard. This is a long poem, complemented by a set of illustrations that create the surroundings where it glides and takes flight. Thirty stanzas in which, as Arnau Barios’ foreword states, “the words manage to let you maintain the kind of yearning that is content to be nothing more than a yearning, only for a moment —but the best of moments—, right before falling”. Ícar comes with seven poems that, despite being satellites of the main text, work as a unitary preface of the myth that is presented afterwards, “retained in the briefest of flights, sharing everything with the moment of fascination with beauty”.