Bèsties 2. Duras

Marguerite Duras
ISBN: 978-84-7226-966-8


Blanca Llum Vidal and Arnau Pons translate an excerpt from La Douleur (1985) by Marguerite Duras, a clearly autobiographical narrative of the horror of Nazi concentration camps. A forgotten manuscript, later rediscovered, “one of the most important things in [her] life”. 

Marguerite Duras (Saigon, 1914 – Paris, 1966) was a French novelist, playwright, screenwriter and film director. Her work, influenced at first by English narrative, evolved towards the more experimental style of the nouveau roman. L’amant (1984) won her the Goncourt Prize and became a worldwide success. Her literary contribution is vast, comprising forty novels and a dozen of plays.


Bèsties is a wallpaper collection that combines the poetry and the portraits of some of the most acclaimed authors of universal literature. A selection of excerpts —posthumous, unpublished, forgotten— are presented in a groundbreaking format by the translators, current Catalan poets. The posters escape the parcelling of conventional pagination to project in a single canvas the unity of meaning emanating from the poems. Each wallpaper comes with a separate front page including a foreword by the translator, which contextualizes their selection and situates the author in their context.