Bèsties 4. Mallarmé

Stéphane Mallarmé
ISBN: 978-84-7226-968-2


Marc Rovira Urien re-updates sixteen of the most representative of Mallarmé’s poems, which capture the French author’s distrust of the automated nature of language —a language increasingly prepared to express the superficiality of a world devoid of meaning, banal and depthless.

Sthéphane Mallarmé (Paris, 1842 – Valvins, France, 1898). French poet, creator of an obscure and ambitious poetic opus, his work anticipates the shift of poetry towards modernity, his influence still being present nowadays. Misunderstood in his time, Mallarmé handles words with truly alchemical devotion, searching for their creative force.


Bèsties is a wallpaper collection that combines the poetry and the portraits of some of the most acclaimed authors of universal literature. A selection of excerpts —posthumous, unpublished, forgotten— are presented in a groundbreaking format by the translators, current Catalan poets. The posters escape the parcelling of conventional pagination to project in a single canvas the unity of meaning emanating from the poems. Each wallpaper comes with a separate front page including a foreword by the translator, which contextualizes their selection and places the author within their context.