Camí del text

Ivette Nadal
ISBN: 978-84-18693-07-6


Ivette Nadal, poet and singer, since her last book L’Àngel i la infermesa del pensament she goes away from forms attached tot the song, and that is what she does in her new book Camí del text. Short poems, almost aphorisms, since she was touched by the philosophical world and especially by the thought of the philosopher Josep Maria Esquirol.

In this collection of poems, she does not deny the lyrical world, nor that of the song, since they are part of her identity, but she questions it. Now she seems to have found a new voice, a new never-ending path, combining philosophical questions with possible poetic answers, about love, seduction, thought, word, friendship and illness.

The book goes into her best context: friendships, poetry, philosophy and song. His new poetic melody takes the form of an aphorism, often silence and a question. She does not stop dialoguing with her work and there is a constant insistence to discover the way of the word, the song, love and health.

Here you can see the book trailer of the book:

Biography of the author
Ivette Nadal (Granollers, 1988) is a singer-songwriter and poet. At the age of 17, she took to the stage, always combining poetry and song. Her songs and concerts and the collaboration with musicians such as Manolo Garcia, Pascal Comelade and Caïm Riba support a solid musical career where she understands poetry and song as two aspects of the field of creation, which is why her concerts are filled of poems and also philosophical quotes. She has published Camí privat (2008), Arbres, mars i desconcerts (2017), L’àngel i la infermesa del pensament (2020). Her recording work most closely linked to the world of poetry is Mestres i amics, where she sets music to the work of contemporary Catalan poets (2012). And the last, most radical poetic-musical proposal that she has presented to us is En nom de la ferida (2020), an album made four hands with Pascal Comelade.