El nus la flor (CD)

Enric Casasses
284 p.
ISBN: 978-84-7226-828-9


This collection of poems by Enric Casasses includes the poems he wrote in various notebooks over the course of three years and the drawings that accompanied them. It is published with a design that seeks to reproduce the chaotic and eclectic format of the handwritten and painted notebook, with the poems spread across the pages in various sizes and arrangements.

According to the author, “this book is a vital moment of a few years turned into a global vision of everything, it is a poem of the world that takes on all forms and tones and moods… and soon it speaks of love or intimate relationship, as of nature and the city, and raises philosophical and metaphysical questions, and makes essay and criticism and satire and sarcasm of things and of literary and vital opinions, and that is why it has the form of verse, of prose poetry, sometimes of essay, of aphorism also a lot, and almost also of small narratives. The set is a jigsaw puzzle that reconstructs an entire world: the world, with a style that goes
of the most elemic realism, (touching the ground, yes, but what is the ground? where is it?)».

The musical-poetic recital that bears the same title, “El nus la flor”, is a journey through several poems from the book set to music by Daniel Ariño, who also plays the piano. Their names are Enric Casasses (spoken voice) and Maria Mauri (sung voice), and they have been recorded on a CD that you will also find accompanying some copies of the book (price: €29). You will find the book in bookstores and the musical part on Spotify.