El poema de Guilgameix, rei d’Uruk



We present the theatrical version of the epic of Guilgamesh that was staged by the theatre company La Perla 29 at the opening of the 2018 Grec festival.

One of the oldest human fictions, which has reached us in the form of clay tablets in cuneiform writing from ancient Mesopotamia. The first versions of the work date back to Sumeria 4,000 years ago. The great classics are those that take on all the future visions that are yet to come, and this one certainly does.

In it you will find the aspiration of Gilgamesh, king of the Sumerian city of Uruk, and his friend Enkidu to embrace life in all its fullness. The king, who has defied the gods themselves to leave a mark and be eternally remembered, is forced to wander through life, searching for its meaning.

Guilgamesh needs to understand, and that’s why he wants to stop time, and the whole journey he makes in pursuit of the life that escapes him ends up being life itself, his life that is learning. Only when he is old, and returns home again, does he understand this reality, accept it and recognize himself as an old man who has lived his life trying to catch it.

The version we are publishing of the work, made by Jeroni Rubió Rodon, is designed to reach a wide audience, both for those who heard it in its performance at El Grec and for the reader who will read it on paper. Unlike academic editions, it adapts the argument to make it easier to read.

Foreword by Oriol Broggi.
Sheet of 11 full-color photographs of the performance at the Grec.

Watch the book trailer: