Faust. Tragèdia subjectiva

Fernando Pessoa
501 p.
ISBN: 978-84-7226-959-0


Rescued from the Pessoan espólio and reconstructed by putting together fragments written throughout his life, Faust has become Pessoa’s quintessential drama, quite possibly symbolical and analogous to all of his production. Here, Pessoa develops intertextual ties with Goethe’s faustian myth and the Romantic tradition, which are presented intertwined with the author’s own onthological obsessions, paradoxical and extreme. There are echoes too of all the different Fausts that wander around the last four centuries of our culture. At the core of the work there is the primeval myth of Prometheus, god made by mankind, and also the faustian myth of the man willing to triumph over life through reason. The play is also testing ground of the principles that govern the different heteronyms of the author. Alongside Mann’s Doktor Faustus, this Faust —almost its perfect contrary— sublimely delimits the boundaries of the classical struggle between Life and Reason in the 20th century.