i si una nació desfilant per una catifa vermella

Juana Dolores Romero Casanova
ISBN: 978-84-18693-09-0


This book is a political and artistic artifact. A requiem, a mass for the dead where Juana Dolores invokes the Catalan nation and, at the same time, interprets it. For this reason, with a radically feminine, national and popular style and language, he conjured “against the old world that died, against the new world that did not appear, against the monsters that in this chiaroscuro emerge in the form
of poets, leaders and lovers, who have renounced the sense of identity. And they have poetized, led, loved this country, apocryphally». As in all her work, Juana Dolores conceives and creates from the tension between ideology and beauty.

It consists of the poetic texts of a requiem written by Juana Dolores, two literary texts by the author that situate the gestation of the text and reflect on the art of writing, an epilogue by the composer Marc Migó and a final block of 21 photographic creations made by the photographer Román Yñán and the artist Rosa Tharrats, regular collaborators of the film director Albert Serra.

A book that will not leave any Catalan indifferent.


The text was set to music by Marc Migó and performed by Cor Canta and the Terrassa 48 orchestra at the Barcelona Auditorium last March 5.

Book in Catalan.