Neu/Or Negre

Jordi Carulla-Ruiz
108 p.
ISBN: 978-84-7226-949-1


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This is a poetry collection divided in four parts, “Neu”, “Guspires”, “Eons” and “Sorra”, that compiles the emotions and the thoughts of the author. It is a universal effort, one of creation, of original research, about light and silence, and also about the primordial side of man. It is not an act of vindication, but something that is closer to the vital experience of the haiku form. A game between poet and reader. Significance and quality in a very personal and sensitive poetic interplay that brings us closer to creation, to universal light. A mystical collection of poetry, which leans towards the oriental in its minimalism. In the words of Carles Duarte, “Neu exhales wise humility in front of immensity, is always attentive to the primeval and ceaseless heartbeat of the Earth, and offers to take every single one of our gestures and connect them to that underlying current that gives meaning and continuity to what we are; by doing so, we become one with the eternal voice of Nature, that shapes us and gives us shelter”.


Or negre

This is the dark side of the book. Written in prose poetry, a fractured narrative conveys a journey into darkness, into that which lies beneath. Mystery and fear emanate from every word in ceaseless research and questioning, in a constant striving for knowledge. Motley, exotic and almost romantic, it is close to classical mythology and yet its meaning is conveyed through surrealist turns of phrase, through the readings it offers of symbol and myth. Bordering a flaming state, it relies heavily on symbolism and is directly indebted to an understanding of form as a primary truth, as in the verse «xuclant-nos el verí, l’ullal a l’ull de la serpent» (“sucking out each other’s poison, the tusk into the eye of the serpent”). In his foreword, Lluís Calvo states: “The or negre (‘dark gold’) is also the pain, the memory that comes back and jabs you, the biological wound that will not heal. But it is only through the poem that this dark gold becomes a healing energy, a flame, a fierce combustion, a renovating fire”. Altogether, a flamy, baroque collection of poetry.