Guim Valls
52 p.
ISBN: 978-84-7226-845-6


With this book of poems, the third of his poetic journey, Guim Valls wants to pay tribute to one of his childhood passions: mythology, especially Greek, and even more especially, the monsters that populate Greek mythology.

In the book, an ancient serpent guards the place and its eye is an oracular, murmuring fountain. The snake only deals with hapless shepherds and succulent flocks. Until the archer god arrives and kills her. Thus, with the spilling of the monster’s blood and a consequent purification, the oracle of Delphi was founded.

Guim Valls reflects on the fact that God is always given the share of glory and the fact that men have been given a space from which to grasp between the lines the mysteries of destiny; and he suggests that we delve for a moment into the previous eye, that of the snake, which is where the power that the god coveted and made his own comes from. The book has a textured cover that imitates the skin of a snake, and which the reader will be able to perceive when he shuffles the book in bookstores.