Lluís Calvo
ISBN: 978-84-18693-05-2


Transfiguracions is an unclassifiable essay by Lluís Calvo, who advocates spirituality freed from any dogma, submission and hierarchy. A spirituality that in unbelieving times constitutes the maximum transgression.

The book is divided into three parts, in which the author makes three different routes but which could be the same: an ascent to the Sierra Cavallera, a journey through various spiritualities -India, Nepal, Japan- and finally a journey through the body. human full of allegories.

Drinking in Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam, this book proposes an exciting journey that starts from matter and nature and culminates in alchemical transformation.

Transfiguracions is essay, philosophy, narration, prose poem, repose and delirium, transformation and sedimentation of the heart. The work starts from sacred texts, but also uses thinkers, writers and artists, from Schelling to Kerouak, from Kierkegaard to Bataille, from Deleuze to Weil, accompanied by the works of Jordi Alcaraz and Alfons Borrell. Personal experience, thought, intellectual diary and narration go hand in hand in this disturbing and amazing work.

Epilogue by Laia Llobera.

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