Viatge a Mart



Five groups of creators, activists, thinkers and young people who have migrated alone were, for three months, the crew of a metaphorical mission to Mars to think about their experience of travelling and the future. Several fruits have emerged from this experience, which we have collected in this book.

Organized into five groups (with 2 young people and 2 activists per group), the first mission of this trip was to create a word for the CCCB’s Vocabulary for the Future project. With this excuse, they met several times and got to know each other, reflected on their migration experiences and shared common hobbies. These resigned words are the first fruit of the project: HOUSE – RECIPE – MOVE – LINVER – NOW.

The second fruit, and the main one of this book, are the notebooks of each participant: texts that reflect the impact of the encounters on each one, reflections on migration, personal ties and transformation. A heterogeneous and very human collection.

David Fernàndez – Míriam Hatibi – Blanca Llum Vidal – Miquel Missé – Mohamad Bitari – Blanca Haddad – Lucía Serra – Denise Duncan – Adriano Galante – Martí Sales
Youssef Amelal – Aya Zuidi – Youssef Aboud – Ismail El Hachlaf – Youssef Ben Iazza – Manal Zardouk – Omar Oudaay – Mamadou Tafsir Diallo – Mohamed el-Qadiry – Alpha Omar Diallo

A project of Edicions Poncianes, CCCB, La Sullivan and Punt de Referència.